Vinyl Liner Replacement

If you’re considering a new vinyl liner, let Denscot Pool & Spa help with this transition. With over 21 years of experience, Denscot Pool & Spa specializes in making Vinyl liner Replacements as painless as possible. At Denscot Pool & Spa we recommend and use premiere vinyl liners from Latham.


Art is subjective. Everyone has different taste which is why Latham offers you such a wide variety of liners designed to create your perfect poolscape. All Performance Vinyl Liners are made from the finest vinyl available, specifically treated with a special fungicide to inhibit bacteria growth. Virtually maintenance-free, Premier Vinyl Liners are easy to clean and smooth to the touch. No scuffed toes or snagged swimsuits!


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To schedule a one-on-one consultation for your vinyl liner replacement, please call our office at 860.868.7535 or fill out the form below.