Electronic Covers

For when you can't be everywhere all at once...


Electronic safety covers, or auto covers as they are more commonly called, are a simple solution to many would-be deterrents pool owners face, such as loss of heat, excessive debris falling into the pool, water evaporation, chemical burn off, and the safety of your children and pets. Economically, an electronic cover saves you expenses in the long run, money you would be spending on running your heating and filtration systems, refilling your water levels, or continually replenishing your chemical sanitizers and balancers. Additionally, installing one more layer of protection for yourself and your loved ones is an invaluable investment.


On October 1, 2022 the state of Connecticut recognized a modification to the 2021 Swimming Pool and Spa Code which now allows electronic safety covers to meet the legal requirements for official barrier code standards. What does this mean for pool owners? Connecticut no longer requires fences and other pool area barriers, so long as the pool is equipped with a safety cover that meets the proper installation guidelines. 


While this is the state of Connecticut's standard, homeowners are advised to additionally check with their town's zoning office, as some individual Connecticut town's still require fences around pool areas. Homeowners are also encouraged to verify with their insurance company, as some home insurance companies still require fences around pool areas, regardless of state or town legislation. 


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Check out this video to learn more about electronic covers and Coverstar, one of the companies Denscot is proud to work with.


Winter Covers

Year round protection


A well fitted winter cover provides another layer of protection for your loved ones and pets, as well as helps lower the cost of maintenance during the cold months when you are not getting a lot of use out of your pool. Typically installed during early fall in New England, winter covers help minimize debris like fallen leaves and plant materials that can get into your filtration system, stain your pool surface, and buildup eroding minerals. These covers are custom designed and manufactured for your pool's unique shape and size, guaranteeing a perfect fit every time.